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Development of physical sensitivity.

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1 Development of physical sensitivity. on Fri 17 Nov 2017 - 20:20


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Development of physical sensitivity.

To develop the extrasensory perception of the world is easiest from the physical senses.
All the above exercises do as many times as you want, and as often as required. Do all the exercises do not need. Do only those that you liked. Choose at your own discretion any of the exercises from each item. But for a quick and stable result it is recommended to perform one task at least once in one or two days.
1. Development of touch.
Touch is not only the ability to feel a touch of something with your hands, but also the whole body. But we will, of course, start with the hands. In the case of clairvoyance and extrasensory perception, the developed sensitivity of the hands, both energy and physical, helps in such manipulations as viewing photos, manual scanning of the aura, and even the future is more convenient to see by "feeling" the energy impulses by hands.
Exercise 1. Heat-cold.
Take two mugs. In one pour cold water, in the other - hot. Close your hands first to the cold mug, then to the hot mug (without touching). Determine the distance at which you still feel the temperature of the mugs. Try to increase it. To gradually sharpen the sensitivity
palms, do the exercise with your eyes closed. So there will be one more difficulty: to feel the approach of the palm to the mug, to feel that you are about to touch it (in the end you need to open your eyes and check the correctness of the sensations).
In this exercise, you can use any objects that are more or less heated or cooled. First of all, you need to pay attention to the different sensations in the palms and how they respond in the whole body, what images in the imagination cause, what associations,
emotions and so on.
Exercise 1 directs the beam of attention of your consciousness on the palm of your hand. By these actions, you will increase the influx of energy to them, sharpen their receptors, strengthen the work of the palm chakras, clean the energy channels of the hands.
All this in general helps to develop the so-called "palm" clairvoyance.

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2 Re: Development of physical sensitivity. on Fri 17 Nov 2017 - 20:31


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Exercise 2. Surfaces.

Type as many material as possible. It can be different to the touch of fabric, plastic, iron, wood, anything, just to make them different by touch. The more you type, the better. We still do not care about the colors of objects, but you can already adjust to this aspect of perception, listening to your sensations.
Fold the collected materials into a bag. Close your eyes to strengthen the sensitivity of the palms, put your hands in the bag and touch each object in order. Touching them, remember your feelings. Try to represent each object, catch, what associations, pictures, emotions it causes. Analyze why this particular thing evoked certain feelings and thoughts.
Exercise 2 helps develop the ability to distinguish the slightest changes in sensations, and also translate them into visual images. All this is useful when "scanning" (viewing with clairvoyance) photos with the help of hands.
The following exercise develops both physical and energy sensitivity.

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3 Re: Development of physical sensitivity. on Fri 17 Nov 2017 - 20:32


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Exercise 3. Perception of color.

Cut seven squares from two-sided colored paper
The primary colors are the size of your palm.
Instead of colored paper, you can take white sheets and draw them using gouache. When painting, you will also add to your paper your sense of color, the squares will be more "charged", and you will feel better with them. Remember that the color should be on both sides.
First, hold each square in your hands, look at it, feel how this or that color reacts in your soul.
So, with your eyes open, you "worked" in every color.
Now close your eyes, mix all the squares and at random
take one. Try to listen to your physical
sensations in the palms and energy currents in the soul, determine their color.
Create a table of three columns - the first "real color", the second "color that I saw (a)", the third one that I felt (a) from the color. " For the first time, ten attempts are enough. This is no longer worth it, since you will be tired. In the future, the analysis of the table will help you understand how to perceive the difference
this or that color.

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4 Re: Development of physical sensitivity. on Fri 17 Nov 2017 - 20:54


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Exercise 4. Developing sensation of touching the body.

You wear clothes. To the touch are always different. Now you need to focus on the sensations of the body. Close your eyes, in your imagination, "go" to the surface of your own body: how do you feel? Roughness of fabrics, uncomfortable seams or vice versa - soft silk dressing gown, warmth, cold ... Correct and analyze your sensations.
Then practice sensations on the body from imaginary clothes or objects. Bring them to reality, most often concentrating on it.
You can try to change on the body by willpower warm places in the cold, but vice versa. To do this, you need to imagine that this or that place has become hot / cold, in order to program these feelings in yourself. Train, and you will certainly succeed. Someone can get the first time.
This exercise, as you have already understood, develops not only the physical touch of the body, but also helps to strengthen the imagination. You can apply this exercise with one more purpose. Many women and even men often dream about this or that garment for themselves. And stores do not give exactly the model that we see in our dreams. So let's use our imagination to translate the desired into reality! Imagine your unusual clothes in the smallest detail. You can first look at it from the side for convenience. And then do not forget to try yourself. Feel how it touches your body, how comfortable it is sitting. Clearly and precisely think out all the smallest details - from buttons to seams. It's a pretty pleasant experience to feel like a dream. And how do you like it when you "suddenly" see an exact copy of your dream in the store and even at an affordable price! So wizards embody their desires - you always need to start with a thought. And for you, as for clairvoyants, it will still be an additional stimulus for developing a sense of touch of the body - you will imagine how you feel on this clothing.

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5 Re: Development of physical sensitivity. on Fri 17 Nov 2017 - 21:06


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
Exercise 5. Plants open channels.

Mentally turn to the plant with a request to help you develop the sensitivity of your hands. Then, gently close your palms to its leaves or trunk. Maximize your sensitivity at your fingertips and palms. Try to feel how the plant emanates from
the slightest impulses of energy. You seem to touch the plant, but at a distance. With a strong concentration, slowly bring your fingers closer to the plant and then touch it. Try to catch his emotion from your touch, feel how it shook like a touch.
For cleaning channels are good plants with needles (cactus, roses, conifers and so on).
Train so often, and you can establish a very close spiritual contact with the plant. Then ask him to blossom this or that color, to grow this or that form of the crown.

Exercise 6. Feel the elements.

This exercise prepares you for the extrasensory perception of the four basic elements of the material world or the magic of the elements.
For exercise, you will need: a candle, a bowl of water, a wide open vessel with sand (or earth, salt, stones) and a lit aromatic stick.
Start with the perception of the Earth. Put a vessel with sand in front of you, close your eyes, and place your hands above it (the surface of the vessel should be wide, so that the palms cover the earth entirely). Mentally imagine how the rays in the vessel in your vessel emanate from your hands, with which you feel it. Try to catch her energy, subtle feelings from the merger.
You can also touch the ground with your eyes closed, feel the slightest changes in your body, in your soul. With the next element - Water - work after a few hours or the next day, so that the sensation does not
mixed. Similarly - place your hands above the bowl of water, try to mentally penetrate it, feel its energy and state. Feel the water. Work in the same way with fire and air. The sequence of comprehension of the elements should be the following: Earth, Water, Fire, Air - it is conditioned by the construction of our energy body and the entire material universe. Each chakra is connected with its element.
 Exercise will introduce you into the world of spontaneous energies and contribute to the development of extrasensory perception of reality.

Elina Boltenko.

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