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We are Witches!

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1 We are Witches! on Sun 26 Nov 2017 - 22:56


Administrator,Witch of the Forum
Administrator,Witch of the Forum
We are Witches!

Crowley moved to the frank devil worshipers. Without any quotes. To witches.
They have ideas about life and the universe were much easier than the occultists. These views have gone from the Albigensian heresies. The Albigensians (they were Cathars) believed that God and the Devil had equal power. God belongs to heaven, and on earth the devil reigns. Sometimes the followers of these ideas asserted that Christ is a false God who escaped to heaven and sits cowardly in seclusion.
So, Satanists believed that they simply chose one of the two "teams". Which seemed more attractive to them. It is clear that the witches did not believe in any infernal torment. Why should Satan offend his own people? On the contrary, it was assumed that the Satanists would receive good posts in the hellish army. And the more advanced the Devil's servant was during his lifetime, the more he did the mucks - the higher the post will take.
So, Crowley decided to replenish his special slender ranks of British witches. Let the readers of such a turn of things do not surprise. In the Russian tradition, a witch is a creature exclusively female. (There is, however, the concept of "witcher", but what kind of "fruit" and what it is eaten with is not very clear.) But in England, a male witch is a very common phenomenon. Although there in the witches' milieu prevail and set the tone of the lady. However, about the witches there is worth telling in more detail.
Actually, this phenomenon is as old as the world, absolutely international and is not subject to either the time or the change of epochs. Almost in every Russian village you can hear about an old woman who is - or is considered - a witch. Her black affairs will be told to you with a lot of details. The same customs are in Europe and Africa. The level of "civilizedness" of the people means nothing. Because, as the history of the twentieth century has shown, civilization does not at all diminish the denseness of people, but only embodies it in more "modern" forms.
But this is so, by the way. It's not about that. Because the English witches, to which Crowley moved, were by no means people, but quite the reverse. Their roots, however, also go back centuries. And more precisely - in the same gloomy XIV century. As already mentioned, this century was marked by a massive surge of interest in devilry in all its manifestations. And the witches were the most massive detachment of friends of evil spirits. Which is understandable - this is the most "pop" way of serving the devil. After all, in order to become a warlock, it was necessary at least to have access to books and be able to read. Both, especially the latter, were a rarity in the Middle Ages. With witches, everything was simpler - the necessary knowledge and skills were transferred, so to speak, from hand to hand. In general, the witches have bred so much that the Holy Inquisition is tired of catching them.

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2 Re: We are Witches! on Sun 26 Nov 2017 - 23:14


Administrator,Witch of the Forum
Administrator,Witch of the Forum
Of course, as always happens in times of mass repression, many then simply accidentally fell into the ranks of witches. On the other hand, the gloomy color of that era contributed to the emergence of a mass of people who are not too healthy mentally. And insanity in every era has certain characteristics. For example, today a madhouse in all "civilized" countries is full of citizens who have come into contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Often - and in sexual contacts. But then they communicated with the devil. In addition, it can be recalled that the recipe for sorcerous ointment, which is used in many authoritative books with which they fly in the coven, includes such components as ergot and hemp. For those who do not know - from ergot first received LSD. In some cases, instead of ergot, the mixture includes psilocybin-fungi.
With the help of this "accelerator" you can fly not only to the coven, but also outside the solar system. The author has seen something similar many times. A group of young people gathered in the forest for a full moon and used mushrooms. And the one they saw after this - Satan, forest elves or green people, depended solely on the mood of the participants of the "Sabbath."
But this is not the most interesting. The Holy Inquisition took care of the development of methodological assistance designed to facilitate the work of the then operatives. It was the famous "Hammer of Witches", written by two Dominican brothers, Sprenger and the Institoris. The first was a practical worker of the Inquisition with rich experience. The second, the university professor, was engaged in providing the work with proper scientific knowledge. The fact is that with theory everything was very bad. Until the XIV century, the Catholic Church categorically prevented the existence of witches. This thought was considered a heresy, a relic of paganism, about which the relevant documents were drawn up, and the necessary valuable information was sent to lower levels. And suddenly, at 180 degrees. The teacher coped with this brilliantly. Now heresy was already considered a doubt in the existence of witches.
This put an end to the long-established trend. Now, even from the point of view of the Catholic Church, Satan began to possess immense power - much more than previously thought. What, however ridiculous, the series of Satanists multiplied.
The humanistic tradition refers to the "Hammer of Witches" to "fabrications of obscurantists". However, it is much easier to assume the following: the venerable Sprenger listened to stories from the daily life of witches during his difficult work. At least, because you could come up with something more pohshe, rather than describe in the "Milky Witches" quite depressing and deeply provincial entertaining witches. For example, with the "Master and Margarita" "Hammer of witches" is not comparable.
And it does not matter whether they were real stories, schizophrenic errors or hallucinations. (The latter, by the way, can be absolutely realistic). The main thing is that the "Hammer of Witches" turned out to be an extremely detailed book, in which all the techniques and rituals of the witch are described in detail. It is clear what happened at the end. The book has for many years become the main textbook for beginning Satanists.

A. Scherbakov.

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