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From the fog of the cold past.

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1 From the fog of the cold past. on Sun 26 Nov 2017 - 22:10


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
From the fog of the cold past.

Mass fashion for occultism blossomed almost simultaneously with fashion for Nietzscheanism. It arose independently, but from the same root.
In fact, occultism existed as much as Christianity. And the reasons for its occurrence are the same - "Twilight of the Gods", the global crisis of paganism in the then civilized world. One of the ways to overcome spiritual stagnation was precisely Christianity. But in the early period he dictated a complete rejection of the legacy of the past. In fact, Christianity was a revolution in the spiritual sphere.
Someone thought that it was too much. It was a shame to give up existing magical knowledge. And there were many of them. In pre-Christian Ancient Rome, there was complete freedom of religion. Many traditions have gathered here. Many of them were fascinated by the sophisticated mysticism of Ancient Egypt, honed for centuries.
So, the sects of the Gnostics, and then of the Hermetic sects in the first five centuries of our era, tried to reduce something to the system from the mystical legacy of the past, which seemed valuable to them. Then, trying to reconcile this whole thing with Christianity, then, starting with it. As a result, a fairly harmonious system of ideas arose. All religious systems were only a "pop-reflection" of true knowledge, which should be approached. With victorious Christianity, this approach was not unified by definition.

"Knowledge of God is acquired through direct divine inspiration or through sacred traditions created under the influence of divine inspiration. This knowledge causes the person who acquired it to transform and ascends to participation in the divine being: to know God means to be God. the chosen one is not the one who leads a righteous life, but one who is enlightened, who knows about the deity. The sin separating man from God is not in any deviations from the norms of morality, but in ignorance. The doctrine of the gnosis of the fundamental ideas of the occult. This explains the contempt for moral conventions that many Gnostics and Kabbalists have shown, and, oddly enough, is the cause of the Gnostic and Kabbalistic passion for classifications, which are an attempt to match all the properties of God and the world in a kind of logically harmonious scheme "(Richard Kravdisch ," Black magic ").
Strictly speaking, this is what all those who set foot on the slippery path to go beyond, decided.
Then all this somehow died out. But the foundation was laid.

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2 Re: From the fog of the cold past. on Sun 26 Nov 2017 - 22:17


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
The first revival of occultism began in the fourteenth century in connection with the interest in witchcraft and magic that erupted in Europe. Strictly speaking, this interest has never been completely overcome. But in this century adherents of various secret teachings divorced like mud. The reasons were absolutely earthly. First of all - a terrible epidemic of plague, according to some estimates, took half (!) Of Europe's population. This was supplemented by wars, in particular - the Hundred Years War, which for several generations turned France into a "hot spot" with all the joys inherent in such points. In these conditions, it is possible, but not in this direction.
There is demand - there will be an offer. Because of the earth began to appear vulgar sorcerers and witches, as well as more advanced comrades, demanding secret magical knowledge. In their daily life, both lists of works of old sealants and books on Kabbalah, which came from the East in crusader wagons, were seen. The new work arrived on time. It is from this time came to us the most famous grimoires - guides on magic.
Where their authors used their knowledge, this is a dark topic. Although, of course, all belonged to ancient sources. Otherwise, no. Such was the specificity of the thinking of educated people of that time (other books were in principle inaccessible). But only here the falsification of the texts "under antiques" made proshin at all times. Why not assume that even then smart people began to make money by this fascinating business. The risk was great - the sacred inquisition sent into the fire the distributors of occult publications without long discussions. But imagine how many such books are worth!
In the XV-XVI centuries. All this spiritual heritage tried to lead to a certain system. So, in fact, there were modern "occult sciences". By the way, Giordano Bruno also played an occult role, which, thanks to the efforts of the eighteenth-century enlighteners, was enrolled among scientists who suffered from clerical obscurantists. In fact, he was not a scientist - he was, so to speak, a thinker. In the same astronomy, which he understood very superficially, he served Bruno only as a confirmation of his occult theories. Which were created, as they say, from the lantern - according to the principle "it seems to me." So he gave birth to the hypothesis of the set of inhabited worlds in the universe (by the way, this hypothesis has not yet been confirmed), justifying it from a purely occult point of view [2]. Time then was severe - and to promote such ideas Bruno was sent to the fire. The fact is that the church unequivocally puts an equal sign between occultism and Satanism. And, from their point of view, church ideologists were not so wrong.
If we explain on the fingers what occultism is, its essence lies in the following.

"The universe and everything in it is God, the Universe is a giant human body, and man is a small semblance of the Universe, a tiny form of God." Being a universe in miniature, a person in the process of spiritual growth can mystically expand his own essence of the whole world, declaring the entire universe and subordinating it to his will. All things in the world are aspects of one, and from them they are all in the millennium. The perfect man who has experienced everything in the world triumphs over the victory: "He is in the center of the universe" (Richard Kravdish).

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3 Re: From the fog of the cold past. on Sun 26 Nov 2017 - 22:42


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
In the universe there is a complex and multistage hierarchy of higher beings, more advanced than man. God (that is, the ultimate truth) is far away, difficult or impossible to communicate. But you can even agree with higher beings of a lower order. In coming into contact with them, the occultist gets the opportunity to "download" information that is inaccessible to mere mortals, and acquires an assistant in further ascension along the path of cognition, that is, merges with God. Moreover, access to these sources of information makes it dedicated, that is, it establishes a certain level of hierarchy of carriers of this knowledge. Below those who are "there", but much higher than mere mortals. This leads to a strictly logical conclusion - and since we have devoted ourselves to caring for the petty concerns and stupid laws of these people who do not see behind their nose!
Of course, occultism is not just pure knowledge. There are also various areas of its practical application. The most harmless was, for example, alchemy. This discipline is often considered the progenitor of modern chemistry. It seems that a man came down from a monkey. In fact, the alchemist must be a magician. It was assumed that all alchemical transmutations are performed by the power of magic. Scientific attempts to justify it were disguised. It's another matter that chemical science really grew out of this disguise. But so often it happens. There is an opinion that poetry develops from ancient magical spells.
As already mentioned, from the point of view of Christian hierarchs occultism was categorically unacceptable. What for? If only because Christians ask the occultists a reasonable question: who knows with whom you communicate there? Where does your knowledge come from? And suddenly - with the forces of Evil? After all, Satan is the father of lies. And it can be so disguised that a simple person will never unravel his tricks.
In fact, this is a conversation in different languages. For the occultist there is no good and evil. Or, more precisely, he himself defines these categories. Or does not define. In the end, the most important thing is knowledge! And we'll find out. Therefore occultists in search of higher knowledge used different sources, acting on the principle "everything is useful that you can use." Magical knowledge was pulled from the place where you could get it. Of all religious traditions. The main thing is to work! And it turns out that at all times and in all countries, magic was used primarily not for good deeds. Take, for example, an international phenomenon, such as the "magic of love". What happens to someone's "spell". Good business? Aha. Man with the help of unknown forces is trying to make me fall in love. This can be useful for you. And for him? That's why in the secret knowledge of different peoples somehow there is always more destruction.

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4 Re: From the fog of the cold past. on Sun 26 Nov 2017 - 22:45


ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
 ADMIN,Witch of the Forum
And in the Christian tradition - and even more so. "Invite" a saint - it sounds like something wild. But the devil - as much as necessary. Demons will not be much, if they compete for their challenge correctly, so they are also quite compliant guys - if, of course, they cope with them. That's why in the European tradition everything is very good with purely satanic magic tricks.
And in general - no "black" and "white" magic does not exist. These are signs for the public. Occultism, unlike "just magic," poses the task of systematizing and ordering secret knowledge in terms of utility, not "color."
Moreover, in the process of cognition, prominent occultists rely on their own mystical experience. All thick books are just a theory, a "preparatory period". The theory without practice is dead. The whole history of this doctrine abounds with psychoses. And what revelations did they have? A vivid illustration of this is the novel of the famous literary Valery Bryusov "Fiery Angel", popular in the early twentieth century. Bryusov himself, being a complete cynic, never engaged in magic, - but he was a very versatile and educated person. To create a novel, he read historical sources, including materials of the medieval inquisition.
The essence of his novel is as follows. Some infantile medieval lady and a young man in love with her, try to call the devil - they have personal requests to the Boss. They are armed with ancient monographs, and throughout the book they challenge the Devil. And so it remains to the end is not known: whether they have achieved their goal or gone mad. Everything that happens in the novel can be interpreted in both directions ...
And really. The occultist is tied to secret knowledge. He understands that ordinary people do not know. So - he understands better what is good, what's bad. It is not for nothing that in Kabbalah, the "sacred cow" of occultists, one of the main tasks is to try to find the secret, mystical meaning of the Old Testament. And who is there and what does he find ...
Here and the subsequent occultists began to purposefully "correct" Christianity. It seems, not so, everything was actually. This was done, if only in order to unite Christianity with completely alien elements borrowed from other teachings. For example, with the idea of ​​transmigration of souls. However, I will return to this. However, the "corrected" Christianity was only as long as it was fraught with direct treatment against Christianity. Then it was simply discarded as useless.
There is another funny detail. Since the XV century and until now occultists parasitize on the so-called secrets of the Templars. With them, with these secrets, we repeatedly encounter in this book. As you know, the Templars or Templars are a military knightly order created by the Crusaders in the Holy Land. They fought hard and bravely. When the Arabs finally expelled them from Palestine, the Templars moved to Europe, where they engaged in usury and soon became enriched obscenities. At the same time long before the Jesuits tried to become the center of secret political influence on European affairs. But if the Jesuits - at least formally - proclaimed the goal of spreading Catholicism, the Templars were concerned about the very power. In fact, it was a kind of medieval international mafia.
In the end, the French King Philip the Beautiful stopped the activity of the Templars and took all the money from them. Officially, the Templars were accused of Satanism. Traditionally it is believed that the case was fabricated, and numerous evidence was marked by torture. May be. But, perhaps, these guys in Palestine really got all kinds of opportunities. The Templars behaved, at least, of course, not in a Christian way.
But this, in general, is not important. Because until now a huge number of Occultists claim that they have secrets of the Templars. Go check it out. No one saw the real books of the Knights Templar. But more interesting is another. If such secrets were, then the real followers of these ideas were Satanists. If not, the demands of the "new Templars" are a soap bubble, and for the ideal they took a very dirty office, a sort of medieval mafia.
Then, for a time, the interest in all these things is not that he disappeared, but entered into a practical commercial sphere. Mages and sorcerers earned money, contented themselves with their hard and dangerous work with what was available. They will be discussed further. But, so to speak, the "fundamental" works on occultism ceased to appear. Materialism, which had become fashionable, replaced occultism on the periphery. But shortly before the carousel unfolds in a new way.

A. Scherbakov.

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