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Superman Shadow.

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1 Superman Shadow. on Sun 26 Nov 2017 - 21:46


Administrator,Witch of the Forum
Administrator,Witch of the Forum
Superman Shadow.

Aleister Crowley did not come to the empty place. On the contrary, there was soil. In the late XIX - early XX century in Europe and America, intellectual circles were carried away by occult ideas. However, the fashion for secret knowledge was only a part of another, wider povetry. Everyone was looking for new knowledge that would radically change the world.
The end of the XIX century is the time of rapid, explosive development of science. We, somehow already accustomed to the fact that almost every decade there are different technical innovations, it is difficult to understand the shift in the psychology of the then people. In fact, during the life of one generation, technology miracles have appeared, without which it is impossible to imagine modern civilization. Telegraph, telephone, electric lighting, and then - cars and airplanes. The science of the pearl developed rapidly, and it seemed that there was no problem, that it could not solve. At the same time, negative aspects of technical progress have not yet emerged. Then they did not know the words "Chernobyl zone", "Fukushima". Acid rain did not flow from the sky, and the fish were caught in large European rivers. It seemed that scientists can do anything! Let's recall, for example, that then I was tempted by the science of Jules Verne, a super-popular in those days.
Scientific thinking is inherently rational. Therefore, it is not surprising that the ideas of many people began to occupy the ideas of world reorganization on a rational basis. The most striking example of this is the fashionable at the time Marxism. Which seemed to give an answer to all the pressing questions.
Not surprisingly, the position of religion was shocked. In the new picture of the world there was no place for God. Religion seemed something out of date, a property of the last century. And, as it usually happens, the main admirers of science were not only scientists, but also those who were spinning around somewhere. An example of the textbook is the Russian nihilists, whose ranks, to be honest, were replenished by not very educated people. They paradoxically made science a new symbol of faith. Rationalism in this case has become emasculated and miserable. Remember the familiar image of Bazarov from the school bench. Preacher Turgenev new ideas - a man who is not too smart, not particularly educated, but has an incredible aplomb.
If there is an action, the reaction is inevitable. Among the then intellectuals there were many people who did not decide the rationality of the new time. There were many complaints, but the main ones, repeating themselves in different ways - the latest trends in the development of society lead to "crushing" equalizing rights. Without exaggerating too much, we can formulate this: progress leads to the triumph of a self-satisfied philistine who is not interested in anything other than his microscopic personal interests. There comes an era of self-satisfied mediocrity and general gray.
In any society there are enough people who claim to be an intellectual elite. Do not feed them bread - just give them the consciousness that they are not like everyone else, that they are much higher than the "gray crowd". And it does not matter whether these statements are justified or not. In the end, you can come up with a dimension in which you will be "very, very".
For example. The author of these lines in the mid-80s communicated a lot with our Russian hippies. For the most part, this audience was very shabby, intellectually and very uneducated. All their outlook consisted of two dozen platitudes taken from third parties. In addition, the hippies frankly spent time in the empty, not wanting to do anything. But - they absolutely sincerely considered themselves to be the "salt of the earth", standing over the "peaceful inhabitants", ordinary people.

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2 Re: Superman Shadow. on Sun 26 Nov 2017 - 21:52


Administrator,Witch of the Forum
Administrator,Witch of the Forum
So, then, and now one of the dimensions in which you can feel yourself above the gray crowd, and there was the occult. However, the path to mass consciousness was purified by a purely secular philosopher, he never claimed to have "secret knowledge" - Friedrich Nietzsche.
Often Nietzscheanism is understood somewhat simplistically, as the preaching of the morality of the bandit-bespredelschika. Let's say I create what I want, but if someone does not like it, so much the worse for him. In fact, such bright thoughts long before Nietzsche said it was expressed by another German thinker, the ideologist of anarcho-individualism - Max Stirner. It was his ideas that inspired Dostoevsky to the novel "Crime and Punishment". But in the masses of intellectuals this interpretation did not take place. If only because attempts at practical implementation of such philosophical provisions are very fraught. They can be beaten or imprisoned. In Nietzsche, everything is more complicated. The concept of "superman" can also be understood in the spiritual sense. Actually, it also attracted the broad masses of those who claimed to be exceptional. Nietzsche, no doubt, a great poet, beautifully and figuratively voiced a thought that appealed to the minds of many. If I realize myself as a superman, then I am. I can understand what "cattle" can not think about. In fact, this is an honest and consistent preaching of the aristocracy. There was nothing new in this. How many nobles existed, among them there were so many theoreticians about the existence of a legitimate elite. The new manifested itself in the fact that everyone could declare themselves elites, and not just those who had a suitable pedigree. That is, it was possible to proclaim something earlier. But now Nietzsche canonized these claims with the charm of his books.
Nietzsche's motivation becomes clear, if we recall the society he admired, considering it almost ideal. Nietzsche was a teacher of ancient philosophy and literature, his ideal was the "book" of Ancient Greece. It was a book, not a real-historical one, in which shit was no less than in any other civilization. But what kind of ideal was it? Until now, romantics repeat that Greece was the birthplace of humanism. That is, the Greeks were observed in all its manifestations. It's true. With one small addition. Yes, in ancient Greece, the principle "everything for man, everything for the sake of man" was proclaimed and implemented. With one small amendment - the concept of "man" in those days was fundamentally different from the current one. For example, in Athens, the era of Pericles - the golden age of this city - a man was considered only an Athenian. A citizen of a neighboring policy (city-state) was no longer a man. Not to mention the slaves, who in Athens for twenty thousand free citizens were one hundred thousand. They were usually called "talking animals". So Nazism is really humanism in the ancient Greek language.

Practical application of Nietzschean ideas was different. So, a big fan of the German philosopher was the terrorist Boris Savinkov. As, indeed, many of its parthenogenes - and militants of other extremist structures. The political programs of the Socialist-Revolutionaries, anarchists and maximalists were indifferent to him. They liked the very process of fighting, in which they felt like titans standing on the other side of good and evil.
But, again, such a path was not possible for many. He could bring death and imprisonment. And just chattering, repeating Nietzschean maxims, became already banal. And then came the help of the occult.

A. Scherbakov.

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